“Patrick Therrien Fishing Guide” is obviously a site that highlights the different services I offer through my fishing guide operations. I’m talking about my guide service for salmonids , shad , sturgeon , and personal fishing training including basic sonar / gps lessons.

Over time, I will publish articles covering all aspects of fishing , both in very specific and general technical level. All of that backed with photos or short videos who will ad to the explanation. There will be Marina Sabrevois boating article and also from time to time reports of my latest fishing trips.

This site is a complement to what I like to do as a sale representative in fishing and boat dealer, or to share my passion with customers, that’s why I created this site. This site will allow me to deepen the explanations I give in store.

“Patrick Therrien Fishing Guide” is the culmination of thirty years of fishing experience. This is an incalculable past experience on the water from the simplest to the most complex technical structure or open water fishing, casting or trolling number of hours, and for a multitude of species either in streams, lakes or rivers.

So I hope that everyone will find something interesting on my site.