You want a chance a chance to catch the biggest fish of your life, live an extraordinary experience: the sturgeon fishing at night. Yellow sturgeon the most underestimated fish in the St. Lawrence River. Yet it is the most powerful and combative fish from the St. Lawrence River. It’s really impressive to see a sturgeon 4′ feet long jump completely out of the water during a fight. It is possible to make an excursion late afternoon in autumn. * Catch and release of all sturgeons.



  • Craft registered trade certified Transport Canada
  • Permis de transport maritime de passagers CTQ
  • Commercial insurance 2 million$
  • First-Aid
  • VHF
  • OSGA member


  • 600$/2 or 3 persons.
  • 6 hours day trip (max.3 pers.) 8pm to 2 am for night summer trip and for fall trip it’s in the afternoon until two hours after sunset.

Includes: Guide, boat, gas, fishing equipment, bait, life jackets and headlamps.

What to bring: Fishing license, lunch and appropriate clothing.